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Just gonna break out my All Saints Day gifs again


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screencap meme; disasterwithin asked: Angel; 2x10 - Reunion

Stephanie: Is this better?Daphne: Yeah. Getting as far away as possible from all the voices.Stephanie: Daph, I can’t even imagine what that feels like. But when the world’s coming at me a million miles an hour I just try to focus on one thing. The one thing that matters the most to me in the world. Everything else just sorta falls away. So, can we try that? Daphne: Sure. Stephanie: Alright, now close your eyes. Listen to my voice and focus. Focus on the one thing that matters most to you. [Thinking: It’s you, you’re the most important thing in the world to me.]Daphne: Okay, I get it. Just stop talking so I can figure this —Stephanie: [Thinking: I’m not talking.]Daphne: I did it. I did it! 

No Ordinary Family 1.02 “No Ordinary Marriage”

Jim: Maybe it is too dangerous for us to use our powers at all. I could have lost you, Steph.Stephanie: Say them. Say my three favourite words. Jim: You were right… Until we understand what’s happening, no more powers.Stephanie: No more powers. I love you.Jim: My three favourite words.

No Ordinary Family 1.02 - “No Ordinary Marriage” 
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Grab the tissues!

Be sure to check out Julie’s last appearance ever on Dexter tonight at 9PM on Showtime!